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CLS Cell Lines Service GmbH supplies services concerning the culture of permanent cell lines for medical, scientific and pharmaceutical institutions.
We culture, control and conserve various cell lines.


Human cell lines

Animal cell lines

Transfected cell lines

Stem cells


Genomic DNA



Exceptional offer in May 2014: Selection of Cell Lysates. 10% off of the regular price - Ready to be shipped.

Brandnew: DPSC Human Dental Pulp Stem cells

Now available: RNA isolated from CLS cell lines

Buy now: Accutase, 100 ml, gently detaches your cells.

We give advice about Media and Supplements which enhance or maintain the proper cell proliferation or suggest media for optimal cryopreservation.
Additionally, we produce Genomic DNA and Whole Cell Lysates from the in-houese cell lines.



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Please contact us in case of questions concerning our portfolio of cell lines and additional products.
Tel.: +49 (0)6221 700799
Our Catalog as pdf file.
CLS Catalog 2013
CLS Catalog 2013
Atlas of Living Cell Cultures
Atlas of Living Cell Cultures
Certificate pdf
Certificate pdf